Inverter - Converts 12-volt battery power to 110-volt electricity to operate small appliances when you're boondocking. The 300-Watt inverter shown here provides plenty of 110-volt juice to power a few things in your RV for a few hours off the batteries. Depends on your batteries as to how much and how long. I've used mine to run laptop, phone and battery chargers, and a small television. Click the picture to go to the manufacturer's website if you want more info or a bigger inverter.

Antenna - To successfully use a laptop-cellphone connection, you'll generally need an antenna to keep the signal strong enough. They come in a variety of strengths and prices. Click the picture to go to the CellPhone Shop for more info and a large selection. I did a search for "cellphone antenna" and got 14,000 hits, so the CellPhone Shop is just one example. I paid $90 back in 1999 for mine, but I see where the same type is now available for $14.
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