The website has been online since early 2000. Over this period, we've had over 24,000 viewers, most of whom visited between 2000 and 2006. It's now 2018 and we decided it's time to sell to someone who has more current internet on the road information.

At the start, we were providing information on dial-up access, which was about the only mode available at RV parks and other facilities. It was about 2003 that WiFi became widely available, so we tried to update the site with tips on finding WiFi HotSpots while traveling. About 2006, more options became readily available, like cell phones, satellite, and we tried to keep up. By 2018, we were no longer RVing much and it became obvious that our site was fast becoming obsolete. Thus, we decided to sell the domain name, assuming there's someone out there that has more current information available. IF YOU'D LIKE TO VISIT THE ORIGINAL WEBSITE, CLICK HERE.
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