Since 2005, RV6.ORG has had over 18,000 viewers, most of whom visited between 2005 and 2010. It's now 2018 and I've decided it's time to sell to someone who is looking for an established domain name to use for their RV information. Below, a brief description of the evolution of the current site is included, to provide some ideas on how the domain name might be useful and productive for the new owner.

Why would anyone want RV6.ORG? Well, from1984 to 2013, I was a happy RVer (e.g., owner/operator of a Recreational Vehicle (RV)) and thought it would be really slick to have my website name on my license plate. I searched far and wide for a domain name with RV in it and 7 or less characters long (e.g., to fit on a license plate). You'd be surprised how few there are available that fit these criteria, but RV6.ORG does! In fact, my intent was to put the name on the RV license with the letter O in ORG and the number 0 (zero) in 0RG for the car. It turns out the O and 0 are the same (at least in Florida), so I couldn't do that. Never really got to it anyway even though I had nearly 15 years to do it.

Anyway, I'm not longer RVing and it occurs to me that someone out there might be looking for a neat name with RV in it, thus I've decided to sell domain name RV6.ORG. In my case, I initially used the 6 to refer to "The Top Six Websites for RV Info". Believe it or not, the 6 that are there now are the original 6 that I selected back in 2005. Later, it occurred to me that as of 2003, I was coincidentally on my 6th RV! How about that? Of course, in that 6 I included my "first" RV which was a 1962 Volvo. I consider it an "RV" since I took a trip around the country in it in 1962, eating, sleeping, and essentially living in the car for several months.

Well, I've enjoyed RV6.ORG over the years, adding new information, mostly in the RV-Blog (which possibly should be renamed "old guy philosophizing"), up until early 2017. Haven't done much since then, so I've decided to sell the domain name to someone who'd make better use of it. Maybe some RVer out there has the "goal" of putting their website name on their license plate?

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